Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jai Thai Restaurant

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We managed to find another affordable and yummy Thai food! Headed for dinner for Picky Girlfriend's birthday since both of us had Thai food craving.

If you have been following our blog, we ordered the usuals (as usual!) - Green curry, tom yam and Phad thai! The basic items that determine Thai food will be a good gauge of the food :)

Thai Ice tea for Picky Girlfriend and Iced lemon tea for Fussy Boyfriend!

The top view of the Thai Iced tea, very "tarik!" and love the fact that it is not overly sweet unlike the others we have tried before. Tea taste is strong with the right amount of milk.

The dishes were served pretty quickly despite the huge crowd.

 Green curry! $5, $7 and $10 option. We ordered the smallest portion.

Comes with generous servings of ingredients which Picky Girlfriend loves aka brinjal! Chicken thigh was also used so the meat is definitely tender :)

It's always a dilemma for us when we ordered green curry (that will go well with white rice) vs the wish to try other staples such as pineapple or olive rice! So we ended up ordering pineapple rice this time round.

The pineapple rice didn't fare as well as we thought it will be, was a little too soft for our liking. 


But the kangkong really saved the day!  One of the few occasions where it's not the sambal version and yet we totally loved it! Was cooked with bean paste taste and you can taste that it was cooked over high fire (the cze char kind of 火候味). Yummy! So the kangkang sauce was a saver to go with the rice. Fussy boyfriend was really wiping the sauce off the plates! The only thing that thought was a pity was there was too much stalks instead of the leafy portion of the vegetables.

The phad thai on the other hand, was awesome! Q enough and our advice will always be to eat with lots of peanuts, chilli flakes and more importantly sugar! Yes, sugar! It actually gives the dish an additional level of crunch, which we were first introduced when dining at Bangkok. Not too sure why it's not common in the Thai restaurants here in Singapore

The last dish was the tom yam seafood soup. Usually we preferred the clear version (less sinful and yet deadly at the same time). And this soup proves us right. Normal looking yet sour and spicy at the same time. Can really feel the heat down the throat after drinking it! Great choice on a rainy day :)

Overall, good quality food at very affordable prices. We spent less than $30 for 2 pax! Very worth it. If you are interested in what other items they serve, you can refer to the website.

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for Thai Food: 4.25/5

Jai Thai Restaurant (Several outlets)
205 East Coast Road
Other outlets include Dhoby Ghaut exchange, Purvis Street and Jalan Pemimpin


  1. Hi blogger, the size of the pictures in this post are just nice. Smaller sizes tend not to give much appeal to the reader and certainly won't bring out the best of the foods captured. My 2cs' worth.

  2. Hi J.T, thank you for your valuable comments! We prefer the photo sizes now too as compared to the past! Thanks for popping by and keep reading :)

  3. your rating of 4.25 is really worth it! I enjoyed having my meal at Jai Thai too :) Cheap and good food! I also had the pineapple rice, and similarly, I find it too mushy to my liking.. but overall, it's still a filling and happy face after the meal :)

  4. Hello there, thanks for popping by! Yup, we have been there for a few times in fact! It's hard to find cheap and good food. Visited your blog, awesome pictures you have there! :)

  5. Excellent thai restaurant review.I like your thai food recipes pictures.I enjoyed the post.