Sunday, March 10, 2013

*CLOSED* Shanghai Delights

It's already March?!!?! Wow time seems to pass extremely fast this year!

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend were randomly shopping at Sim Lim Square and decided to pop by a store which was recommended by Fussy Boyfriend. Quite a surprising find cos Picky Girlfriend will have never thought to be able to find yummy food in such places! Store uncle was also nice to serve us the food at our table instead of having to wait at the store, rare sight at a food court where it's usually self service.

 We ordered the deep fried dumpling (better known as Guo Tie, 锅贴).

$5.50 for 8 pieces!

The Guo tie was really very different from the others we have tried before! The skin is super crispy yet easy to munch. You know how sometimes the skin can be too crispy for biting? This one is perfectly done with a little floury feel! The skin is not too thick with generous meat and chives filling. Super worth the money and totally fell in love with it. Dip it with some vinegar and ginger for enhanced taste :)

This was the version of their Braised Ee-fu noodles. Too hungry so mixed the noodles up before any proper pictures can be taken (oops!). This version is also different from the usual ones we ate during wedding banquet. We love the texture of the noodles (very springy!) and that the sweet chilli really mixes the noodles well.

And since we were quite pleased with what we have tried and feeling more space in the stomach, time for dessert! From the same store ... and Picky Girlfriend's favourite - Red Bean Pancake!

 Red Bean pancake - $4

Though it was a little oily, it was yummy! Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. We love the red bean paste (not too sweet), and secretly hope there are more paste in it! Seasame seeds definitely made it more fragrant as well.

Heard the Xiao long bao and other noodles are worth trying too! Definitely going to revisit the place again! Affordable Shanghainese food!

(PS, not us in the pic) :P

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for Shanghai Delights: 4.25/5

Shanghai Delights
Sim Lim Square Food Court
1 Rochor Canal Road , #B1-14

*Post note: The blog entry was post dated. We visited the store in March 2013 and realised it was already closed! Do let us know if you know where it has been shifted, we totally missed the 锅贴 and red bean pancake!

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