Monday, May 13, 2013

喜乐亭 Xi Le Ting Desserts

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend has been food hunting in the west area and now glad to add more yummy food to the West SG list and there are truly alot of hidden gems in the west area if you search hard enough!

This dessert was introduced to Picky Girlfriend by her colleague who told her that this dessert is a "must try" in the area. Not a fan of green bean soup, Picky Girlfriend was indeed quite skeptical in the beginning as green bean with coconut doesn't go well in her impression.

But once tried, Picky girlfriend was totally convinced and hooked! Good food must be shared so she brought Fussy Boyfriend along to try it.

At $0.80 per bowl, this dessert is definitely a steal (Take away containers at $1.10). Totally has the old school taste that transports you back to the past. Such desserts are really a rare find now as dessert stores are getting more commercialised / usually franchised and sell desserts at exorbitant prices.

Comes with green beans, sago and a creamy texture of soup infused with coconut milk! Very awesome and it's really the first time both of us have tried any forms of green bean soup that is cooked with coconut milk. Very fragrant with the coconut yet wont feel sick of it easily. Green bean has been cooked very well so you won't get to find uncooked beans that are hard! Fussy Boyfriend a fan of most traditional desserts was immediately a new convert to this store :)


The stall opens from noon till about evening time (or while stock lasts). Other desserts include red bean soup, cheng tng and 大麦(not sure what it's called in English). Limited varieties but be sure to find one you will enjoy! We are so gonna be back again for more :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for green bean soup: 4.75/5
(Yes! It is really THAT awesome! try it and you will know! :))

Stay tune to our next post of a yummy fried chicken wings (be prepared to queue too!) just within walking distance of the dessert store!
喜乐亭 Xi Le Ting Desserts

Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre
118 Commonwealth Crescent

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