Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Specialise Homemade Pau Dian 专业手工包点

Happy Dragon year everyone! The Food Collage wishes everyone 恭喜发财,龙马精神,龙年吉祥! Huat ah~~

Bet there has been much feasting going on since this is the new year period. So after all the new year feast, we do crave for other food. In this post, we will recommend homemade Pao (包)! And there are lots of photos due to the variety we tried as we bought them for the whole family to try!

This is really a treasure find as the coffeeshop looks rather dark and ulu (deserted) and Picky girlfriend would not have known if Fussy boyfriend has not mentioned it!

Usually for such stores, Picky girlfriend would pick her must try which includes Lor mai gai (Glutinous rice with chicken) and char siew buns.

The lor mai gai is packed in small plastic container and the moment Picky girlfriend took it out, it was apparent that she will love it!

$1.50 each

From just the look of it, you already know that the chicken is tender looking! And since Picky girlfriend only likes to eat chicken thigh, this lor mai kai totally suits her as the chicken part used is chicken thigh and is well marinated and super tender! Each grain of the glutinous rice is also well cooked which really stands out from other lor mai gai where finding uncooked rice is quite common!

The next thing we tried was char siew baos! The char siew baos here are made in cute bite size (similar to the famous Tanjong Rhu Bao).

$0.60 each

Some of you may find $0.60 for such a small char siew bao expensive but let us assure you this is worth every cents of it! Just check out the amount of filling the bao has the moment we peeled the bun into 2.

We love it! :)

The filling is generous and the bun comes with lots of yummy char siew. Another thing we love about this is the use of lean pork instead of fatty meat which made it less sinful somehow. And because of its bite size, we can't help but popping in more mini char siew baos! :)

As for Fussy Boyfriend, his must try on the list will always be Big bao (大包) as well as fan choy.

And the big bao is huge and kinda heavy!

$1.30 each

We are excited to peel it open as the weight of the bun really says alot! This means we will get generous filling as well!

Nice! The filling is really a big ball of meat. Comes with egg, onions and spring onions. For those who dislike onion, the ones in this big bun is cooked till soft so you will not be able to taste it. The bun skin is also thin so you can really savour the meaty taste of the filling. Very satisfying big bun!

The fan choy here similar to the lor mai gai as they are packed in plastic containers and to have better effect of the photos, we poured them out onto a plate and we were welcomed by a delightful sight of a yummy fan choy! Definitely a drooling sight! :)

$1.50 each

The fan choy is also hand made and not mass produced by machines and this really made alot of difference in terms of the quality and taste. If you notice from the photo, the fan choy is really moist and the rice is drenched with the char siew sauce which is something very different from all the other fan choy we have tried which are either too dry or the meat too stale.

It also comes with juicy, chunky char siew pieces (which really wow-ed us) as well as a slice of hard boiled egg. And you dont have to worry that of the texture of the char siew even though it is very chunky as the meat really melts in your mouth with its savory char siew sauce. Highly recommended it's very very yummy!

Other buns that we have tried include the red bean paste bun and the coffee paste bun 咖啡包 (again in mini cute bite size) which is an interesting twist to the tradition taste of bun flavours.

Egg-shaped red bean paste bun ($0.50 each)

No surprises, this time with generous sweet tasting filling!

$0.50 each

This is another bun that is worth recommending. We would say this is a double coffee as the exterior skin as well as the bean paste is coffee flavoured. Recommended for coffee lovers :)

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating of homemade Pau dian: 4.5/5

We have tried almost everything that the store sells and is very satisfied with each of them. With so many choices available, are you spoilt for choice already? ;)

Blk 34 Cassia Cresent #01-86
(Old Airport Road)

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