Monday, January 9, 2012

Mary's Corner Tau Kwa Pau 豆干包

Happy 2012 Food Collagers! :)

This is our first post of the year so we would like to introduce something that is rather unique and you wont get it see it sold often. In fact it was Fussy Boyfriend who introduced this to Picky Girlfriend as he has eaten it by chance one day when his relative bought it for his family!

So after food hunting for katong laksa, we walked down the same stretch of street and arrived at this coffee shop with an interesting name "Alibaba Eating house".

Picky Girlfriend had initially thought that Tau Kwa Pau is the typical dish sold at rojak stall where you will need to dip in the rojak sauce. But she was welcomed with this instead:

$2.50 per piece (1 whole beancurd)

Tau kwa pau literally means beancurd bun. This was interesting and something Picky Girlfriend has never seen before! The first impression was like it looked rather similar to the "Stinky Tofu" she has tried in Taiwan before but this version is slightly different with toppings!

The first cut to it, we were welcome with the piping hot tau kwa which was really crispy on the outside and yet soft and moist in the inside. The toppings were an interesting twist to the dish and we really took some time to figure on what was on it. The generous toppings include fish cake, eggs, cucumber and the one ingredient that made it really fragrant was the fried chopped yam! Braised sauce was also used and give the dish a savory taste.

And not forgetting chilli to go with it too! The chilli tasted very much like the kway chap kind of chilli, a little sourish yet you can't stop dipping the tau kwa pau in it!

We love it! The stall was also quite popular as you can see alot of people ordering it as side dish on top of what they are already eating. Also saw the stall owner preparing alot and packing them in buffet trays so we believe they do take in mass orders too!

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Tau Kwa Pau: 3.75/5

Mary's Corner Tau Kwa Pau 豆干包
Alibaba Eating House
125 East Coast Road

How to get there: Bus service 10, 12, 14, 32, 40
(Opposite the new shopping mall Katong I12!)
Update on 22 April'13 -
The store has shifted to:
Dunman Food Centre
271 Onan Road

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