Monday, February 13, 2012

Thasevi Food Roti Prata

Everytime when someone mentioned "Jalan Kayu", the first impression that comes to mind is... "ROTI PRATA"!

But since Picky Girlfriend and Fussy boyfriend are not too familiar with the area but yet craving for some prata, we decided to recce the place and see what we may chance upon. It was actually quite interesting to recce such places and Jalan Kayu seems to be quite an untouched treasure where there are still old shop houses operating, and even the floor tiles are the old mosaic tiles with a super nostalgic feeling!

There were crowds in a few prata stores so we decided to go with our gut feel and since the signboard claimed that it is the "Best awarded Roti Prata in Singapore", we decided to go with it!

Teh Tarik is a must order for us usually when it comes to eating prata :) The top of the drink was a little too foamy but we love the fact that the sugar level is just right and the tea was thick enough to satisfy the crave!

And after a short wait, our pratas arrived!

2 Kosongs (no egg) for Picky Girlfriend.

The prata was quite crispy on the outside and soft in the insider. And the best way (according to Picky Girlfriend) is to to dip the prata into the curry and topped it off with sugar! Super sinful but gave is another layer of sweet crunchiness, yummy! Also, judging from the oil stains on the plate, this is probably one of the few that we tried and is not too oily!

Fussy Boyfriend being a super egg lover ordered 2 egg prata in interestingly in 2 different forms.

His egg prata as well as a plaster prata! Not sure if you have heard of the plaster prata but essentially still a prata with egg, just that the egg was cooked differently, instead of mixing with the prata, it is similar to a sunny side up cook on top of the prata, so it looks like this!

and we really love this cos the taste of the egg is more apparent! Fussy Boyfriend loves his prata drenched with curry until it goes all soft together! And there is a surprise as you cut open the prata and if you are lucky some egg yolk will be oozing out :)

And being famished us, we ordered another mee goreng. It was nothing fantastic but sometimes all you need is comfort food and that little carbo fix so this dish was suitable, and comes with a sunny side up too! One thing that could be improved is actually the ketchup that is added on top of the cucumbers.

Picky girlfriend has tried some versions of the mee goreng where it comes with a home made sauce that is poured instead which is a good complement to the mee goreng.

Usually we will order mee hoon mee goreng (a mixture of vermicelli and noodles) which gave it an extra layer of texture that we love.

And since this place is opened 24 hours, it is an option for supper too! So many times of prata, so many eating methods, what do you prefer? :)

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating of prata: 3.5/5

Thasevi Food
237, 239 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799461

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