Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swee Choon Dim Sum

This is yet another good dim sum hideout that Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend would frequent after shopping at Mustafa in that area. You will be surprised what it can offer sometimes! Shopping aside, the focus will be on yummy food! Located just within walking distance from Mustafa, Swee choon is really the place to have a great variety of dim sum and dishes.

Both HK style and Shanghai dim sum are sold here

And after trying here for a few times, these are the dim sum that is within our Must order list! (Which is under their signature dishes as well)

Mee sua kueh!

Not too commonly known as compared to the more commonly ordered ones like carrot yam and yam cake. This mee sua kueh beats the former two hands down! If you look carefully at the top of the dish, you will see shredded pieces. And that is mee sua (or better known as 面线)! The first time we were exposed to something similar was that Fussy Boyfriend's grandma secret steamed version of mee sua kueh!

Taking a closer look at the intersection of mee sua kueh

This fried version comes with chinese sausages and shallots which made it really fragrant. The top part is extremely crispy and the rest of it being "Q" and just melts in your mouth. We ordered two servings of this! It is really a creative way of cooking mee sua as compared to the conventional mee sua in soup! A MUST TRY!

And the next thing we are going to introduce is also something that is not so conventional ...:

Steamed chicken with egg

Not a typical dim sum and not something with great presentation but this is also highly recommended!! And this is the first time seeing such dish served in a dim sum place.

We really can't tell you (in words) how nice this tasted. The wings are yummy and steamed in a way that you can really taste the essence of it that is what makes up the seemingly chalky gravy which is actually made up of the steamed egg. Every mouthful of the gravy has the best essence and coupled with steam egg, it's heavenly! The chicken is also well marinated as the gravy has seeped into it.

Fussy boyfriend will usually slurp up all the gravy! That's how good it is ;)

And if you are looking for something more filling, go for the lor mai gai! (glutinous rice with chicken)

The chicken is very tender and the lor mai gai complements it with a slight grainy feel. You know how some lor mai gai is too soft and you will feel that you are eating something marshy. This has the right level of graininess which tasted just nice :)

Other items that we tried include the Big chicken bun. Fussy boyfriend is a fan of big bun so this makes up to his must order list.

Look how the meat juice is oozing out from the bun!

The har hao and siew mai is really so-so. and only 2 pieces per serving so our suggestion is to try other items instead unless you are a die hard har gao-siew mai fan!

Dessert was a redbean pancake!

This is slightly oily, but we love how crispy the pancake is. Crispy on the outside and once you bite it, you will be welcomed with warm redbean paste which is of the right sweetness! The redbean paste is really the scorer of this dish!

Dim sum can be a mixture of fried and steamed food so drink more tea to wash the oil down :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for dim sum 4/5

Swee Choon Dim Sum
185/187/189/191 Jalan Besar

Opening Hour:
Mon to Sat: 6pm - 10am, Sun, PH: 6pm - 12 pm
Closed on Tuesday night

PS: Night owls this is yet another good place for supper, try it!

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