Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yan Chuan Roaster 炎全烧腊

Hola all! (Hola is hello in Spanish). This is probably the longest hiatus from the food blogosphere as Picky Girlfriend has been away for work to Spain for almost 6 weeks!

And being away from home for so long, Singapore food is greatly missed especially for spicy food which it's almost impossible to find in foreign lands! Food like laksa, nasi lemak, curry, lor mee etc are all the items that Picky Girlfriend is craving for (and we need your recommendation!)

So while we are hunting for more food, this post is recommended by Fussy Boyfriend who is fan of roasted duck. And what's special is that this is a place that sells yummy and affordable roasted ducks!

Back at Ubi again and this place will not be foreign to those who have learnt driving at this area! If you explore enough, you will know that Ubi is really a place for treasures!

This was taken awhile back so for those who have managed to try the durian puffs that were introduced in the last entry, now comes yummy roasted duck at very affordable price. Who says you can't find cheap and good stuff, this place will definitely prove you wrong! Sometimes if you search hard enough, such good find really exists :)

And tada this was the place we spotted that was selling roast duck at wholesale rates! Rarely seen and most probably wouldnt have thought that such items will be sold here.

For whole rate this was really half the price of what is sold outside. It was about $15 or $16 as compared to $30+ for a whole roast duck. Definitely a good deal and suitable especially during chinese new year festival or anytime where you feel like eating the roast duck at affordable rates!

The meat was surprising tender and the skin was quite crispy as well! Even though it was at wholesale price, do expect a full sized duck. So it was really every cents worth and all we needed was to cook white rice and we can have roasted duck rice since the braised sauce was provided as well.

Picky Girlfriend was really not a fan of roasted duck but is a roasted duck convert after trying this! Yes it is that good :) And another plus point was that we have tried a few times and the duck meat is firm and non-fatty! you know how some roasted duck can be very oily and has a layer of fat underneath. This duck is roasted to perfection!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for Roasted Duck 4.25/5

Yan Chuan Roaster 炎全烧腊
Blk 3020 Ubi Ave 2, #01-111
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Closed on Monday)


  1. Ordered duck chicken roasted meat n suckling pig for this year 7th month praying.... is sucks..... not like those shown in pic above. Duck black like chorcoal n not much meat....roasted meat not crisp at all...suckling pig not crisp like not roasted enough. Quality down from last year. Disappointed.

  2. Hi there! oh dear, sounds bad. perhaps it's the peak season! the last time we tried was about 1-2 months back and the standard was still there.