Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kim Dae Mum Korean Food

Picky girlfriend was introduced to this Korean food by her colleagues and can't stop eating it for a few occasions and had to introduce it to Fussy Boyfriend to try it out!

We were there at almost 8+pm and there was still a long queue waiting to order and to collect their food.

This is one of the must order that's in our list, spicy shredded chicken

Spicy Shredded Chicken set $6.50 per set

Served in sizzling hot place and we love the fact that the serving is huge! And also it really feels quite healthy cos the meat are cooked in water instead of oil first so the dish itself is less oily compared to other Korean food.

All the sets also come with soup and also a choice of side dish which includes pickles, anchovies and all time Korean favourite kim chee! Fussy Boyfriend picked the kim chee whereas Picky Girlfriend loves the anchovies!

Hot beancurd soup $6

And usually we will order one meat and a soup for sharing which really complements well with each other. Fussy boyfriend will choose a non-spicy beancurd soup which tasted really light and suitable on a rainy day.

Check out the generous ingredients. Though it's beancurd soup, you can still find seafood like prawns and clams which gave it a slight seafood sweetness to the soup.

We love the fact that even after finishing the soup, we dont feel thirsty! Which is quite surprising as usually outside food is always sweet and tasty because of the amount of MSG.

$6.50 per set

and if you are like Picky Girlfriend who loves spicy food, then this is your choice! Spicy chicken soup which tasted very yummy with alot of other ingredients such as vegetables, vermicelli, eggs and beancurd. Despite called spicy, it is not really spicy afterall, another must drink during rainy days :)

For the healthy conscious, you may also request for change of ice rice to their brown rice which has red beans to it. and it actually tasted like the black glutinous rice desert "Or bee beh" at additional charge.

In general, there are no other reason for not coming back again. This is clearly one of winners of Korean food at food court price! :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Korean food: 4/5

Kim Dae Mum
100 Orchard Road
Level 1, Food Court
Concorde Hotel (Previously Le Meridian Hotel)
Opening hours: 10am - 9pm

How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Dhoby Ghaut MRT, approx 5 mins walk

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