Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yoguru Frozen Yogurt

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend were out kite flying and boy! the weather was really hot! During hot weather like this, what kind of dessert will come to your mind?

Icy cold desserts may be fattening so we will recommend healthy and refreshing dessert that is really becoming more popular! Frozen yogurt stores seem to be on the rise with Singaporeans getting more health conscious.

And this is one of the stores we really love when we first visited the flagship at Kallang 1-2 years back!

Yoguru! :)

We love it cos other than the original flavour which they have, they have this YoguBliss flavour which is made up of dragon fruit and pomegranate (high levels of antioxidants!) And more importantly, yogurt here is non-fat! Definitely a healthier choice. Believe this flavour is not always available, so try it when you happen to see it! Sweet and a little sour at the same time and is Picky girlfriend's favourite.

Fussy boyfriend is not a fan of froyo and it was Picky girlfriend who made him fell in love with this :)

Very yummy and refreshing even on its own!

YoguBliss with strawberries is really bliss! and.. non-sinful!

And if you want something more fanciful, choose from the different toppings that are available. Personally, we love granola or adding fresh fruits to it. We also love the fact that they are generous with the toppings :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Frozen Yogurt: 4/5

PS: Do share with us what is your favourite froyo place and topping! :)

Yoguru Frozen Yogurt
Available at various convenient locations, you can find it here.

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