Saturday, April 23, 2011

Suan Thai Restaurant Thai Buffet

It's the long weekend, how's everyone so far? Heading anywhere for yummy food? :)

Recently Picky Girlfriend is into purchasing online coupon deals (especially for food!), so we would be able to try something that we always heard and raved about at a discounted price!

And this time round, we bought a Thai buffet deal at BigDeals. It was really something new as both Picky girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend have not tried or even heard of Thai buffet previously so it was really a good chance for our food blog :)

Suan Thai Restaurant really has this rustic charm and traditional feel to it.

There were 28 dishes on the menu which was really enough to satisfy any thai food craving especially since some of the usual dishes (eg: Green curry and Tom Yam soup are refillable! Slurps!)

There was this counter where Free flow Thai salad were served.

Green Mango, Pomelo, Thai Payaya Salad

And also free flow tom yam and green curry. How cool! Both are Picky Girlfriend's favourite and her MUST haves while eating Thai food.

And you can add your ingredients too, love those mushrooms!

Green Curry is love! Goes really well with white rice or just on its own.

There were a few dishes on the menu that are subjected to one-time order only (the more popular dishes). And they will be served even before you even ordered them.

Some were quite nice like the below, Stuffed boneless chicken wing. We couldn't really make out what was used to stuff the wings, but it tasted yummy, especially when you dip with thai chilli sauce. And amazing how the bones were removed so every part is edible :)

Pandan Chicken

Tom yum with prawns. Served once but the tom yam soup is refillable at the main station. Soup was clear and with the right level of spicyness and sourness. One word - SHIOK and drinking hot soups like this really enhance your appetite (to continue eating other dishes! Especially important when eating buffet! =P)

All the dishes with prawns were pretty awesome, as they served huge prawns that were crunchy and fresh! And the meats were also well marinated.

Stir fried mixed seafood with Basil & long beans

The one-time order dishes were enough to fill us up, but of course we cannot resist the temptation to try and order other dishes too!

Deep fried fish with sweet and spicy sauce.

This is one we really love that we ordered twice. The fried fish is fresh and sweet & spicy really complements it. Even Fussy Boyfriend who can't really take spicy food loves it and keep taking 2nd servings :)

However the pineapple rice we had was a little too marshy for our liking.

Overall the food was really not bad, and satisfied both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's Thai food craving with the unlimited serving of tom yam and green curry. It would have fared better if Phad Thai was included in the buffet.

And more importantly by purchasing the online coupon, it only costed us $18nett per pax including free flow lemon tea and pineapple rice which was topping up $1.99+ and $1.50+ respectively.

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Thai buffet: 3.75/5

Usual price of Weekdays lunch / dinner- $16.90++ / $18.90++
Usual price of Weekends lunch / dinner- $17.90++ / $19.90++
(Prices from SuanThai website)

Suan Thai Restaurant
101 Killiney Road
Singapore 239544
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm (Lunch) and 6pm-10pm (Dinner)

How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Somerset MRT

PS: The Liang court outlet that we ate is no longer in operation, so head to the Killiney outlet instead if you want to try this :)

PPS: Do stay tune to our facebook page as we update on yummy food deals too :)

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