Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolat 'N' Spice Muffins 晶品美食西点

Hello everyone, hope the week has been good so far :)

Have you been following up the special deals on FOOD that we've been posting every now and now in our facebook page here?

To continue, it was a random afternoon and both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend were off food hunting again. This time to hunt for yummy MUFFINS! And this was the one that Picky Girlfriend could recall at the top of her mind at Tanjong Pagar area while she was doing temp jobs years ago and was introduced by her colleagues.

Check out the queue during lunch time!

And there were actually 2 other outlets as follows:

There were lots of different flavours of muffins sold and we were really spoilt for choice! Imagine having to decide the flavours amidst the muffins fragrance that lingered at the shop!

Popular flavours: Chocolate Chips, Double chocolate, Banana Walnut, Orange Peel Raisins, Cheese, Blueberry, Coffee Walnut and Mocha

And finally after queuing for approx 15mins, it was finally our turn!

Spolit for choice!

Business must been really brisk, just check out how many boxes have already been prepared to pack the muffins!

And finally, we bought assorted lots of muffins including Chocolate chips, Cheese, Blueberry and Banana Walnut!

A little pity that Double chocolate was out of stock, so we will be back to try it again :)

Muffins priced from $1.20-$1.50 (depending on flavours)

The muffins really tasted awesome! The moment we bite on it, it has this slight crisp at the top and the inside was fluffy and soft. Freshly made muffins from the oven is really different and a very satisfying snack, and totally goes well with a cup of coffee/tea :)

Since we bought such a big box of muffins, Picky Girlfriend gave some to her nephew/niece and they finished it all at a go! Kids don't lie, so you can believe that it's really good. We love the fact that the muffins still tasted nice even though it was consumed after a few hours of purchase!

Both Picky girlfriend & Fussy Boyfriend rating for Muffins : 4/5

  • To avoid the crowd, avoid buying muffins during lunch time!

Chocolat 'N' Spice Muffins 晶品美食西点
Blk 1
Tanjong Pagar Plaza

How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Tanjong Pagar

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