Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wu Shi Lan Bubble Tea 五十嵐绿茶连锁专卖店

The bubble tea craze is back (For awhile already!) with famous brands such as KOI, and Gong Cha etc, Premium bubble tea seems to be back is popularity and consumers are willing to pay more just for these beverage.

That reminds us of the one bubble tea which we have tried during our Taiwan trip, 五十嵐 which is really where KOI originates from! (anyone who visit KOI you will notice of 五十嵐 on the signage!)


We had this when we visited Dan Shui (淡水), very very nice place, a must go when you go Taipei! :)

The Menu all in chinese!

And of course we will order the usual that we always have locally, Red Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶). When we ordered that it was then we know that 珍珠奶茶 in Taiwan is Red Pearl Milk Tea (with mini pearls) and only 波霸奶茶 is our version of red pearl milk tea with normal size pearls! Interesting!

And as usual you get to choose your sugar level for your drink..

We chose 70% sugar level!

And this bubble tea is awesome! Taste the same as KOI but even better as the price is SO MUCH cheaper. We bought one Medium cup like this and it costed only NT30 (approx $1.30 only which is less than half the price of the same drink locally!). And the pearls are very "Q" too!

A pity we discovered this stall a little too late (just 1 day before we came back to SG), if not we would definitely have drank more!! :) So remember to check this bubble tea shop out when you drop by Taipei!

Dan Shui Old Street (淡水老街)

(There are other outlets too but this is the only one we saw! Check out the yellow signboards and the blue words!)

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