Saturday, January 22, 2011

Western Barbeque 西餐

A Western food store that Fussy Boyfriend always frequents. So he really wants to recommend this to everyone who loves western food :)

The menu

As per Fussy Boyfriend's usual order, we ordered the chicken chop and see if it is really as good as he claims!

First take:
Looks quite yummy.

$5 for Chicken chop

And we cut a slide to try and it's really as good as it looks!

The chicken chop is well marinated and has really tender and juicy meat. Topped with baked beans and wrinkle fries, you don't even need chilli/ketchup sauce to go with as the meat itself is already savory enough. They gave the chicken thigh area which comes with some bones, so be careful when you ate it! This is something interesting as usually most western food will serve boneless chicken chop.

A closer look

We love the fact that the skin is slightly charred that made it more fragrant! For people who love to eat chicken skin, you will love this as this chicken chop is cooked to the extent that the skin becomes a little crispy. Even Picky Girlfriend who don't usually eat chicken skin succumb to this crispy skin temptation! (But for health purposes, always eat this in moderation!)

And this chicken chop is really original as there are no additional sauce (eg: BBQ, pepper etc) to go with. So you eat it as it is, the natural taste of the juicy chicken chop! :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for chicken chop: 4.25/5!
(Fussy boyfriend recalled there's supposed to be a bun that comes with the food, but it was absent when we ordered, otherwise it would have scored higher!)

Western Barbeque 西餐
Blk 51 #01-53
Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm


  1. Try the pork chop too,if you have the opportunity, but only if you can stand garlic:)There's also the Hainanese satay with pineapple peanut sauce and a number of noteworthy hawkers there~

  2. yeah.. will try it! :)

    There are alot of satay stores there but don't know which is nice! Which one have you tried before?

  3. Holy Grill (01-27) is much nicer than western barbecue, trust me! :D

  4. oooo. really? we have not tried that before! so what's nice there? Then we can check them out! :)