Monday, February 7, 2011

Mellben Seafood 海鲜螃蟹王

Firstly, The Food Collage wishes everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year this bunny year! Hope everyone's new year is great so far with lots of yummy goodie and big feast! And of course we are going to recommend more yummy food too!

In case you are wondering which place to go for nice seafood... go Mellben Seafood! If you are not a seafood fan, they do offer other yummy cze char items too! There are 2 outlets and we went to the one located at Ang Mo Ki0 with 2 other friends we all of us can try more variety :)

With super interesting decor of signed crab shells by the famous people / celebrity who have visited there before.

We were there on a weekday and surprisingly it was really crowded! Definitely signs of good food area as people will flock to places with yummy food (including us!)

And there were so many ways to cook the crab, totally spoilt for choice! Picky girlfriend has actually came here before and so knows that the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon is a must try! and the other friend who came here before recommend that the creamy butter crab is also a must try. However since we did not want to eat too many crabs, we ordered the same but for prawns instead!

The waiting time was quite long and when the food finally came, both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend were famished!

Crispy Beancurd $8

This crispy beancurd comes with a special lemony sauce which was a refreshing twist to this dish. Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, a good appetizer before we indulge in our seafood feast!

And the creamy butter prawns came next!

Creamy butter crabs $30

We thought this was a little pricey but after you taste it, you will know is worth the price! The sauce was really the highlight of the dish and we actually requested for extra sauce so that we can dip it with....

Fried man tous!

Despite requesting for extra sauce, there were still not enough sauce to go around (or did we order too many man tous?) Curry leaves were used and we believe that gave the creamy butter sauce a slight spiciness that really gives the extra oomph to it! Dippin' in! The combination of the crispy and piping hot man tous with the creamy butter sauce is really heavenly!

And finally the lead of the meal - Claypot Crab Bee Hoon!

Crabs are at seasonal prices

The outlook of it was sufficient to make all of us drool and the anticipation was worth it! The moment it was served, we were welcomed by its strong fragrance of the soup. The soup was sweet and milky enough but not to the extent that you will get sick of it! Goes well with the thick bee hoon!

So slurp them all while it's hot! Very very satisfying :) If you feel that the soup is not enough, it is refillable as well, but at an additional charge of $5 and extra bee hoon at $3.

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Mellben Seafood: 4.5/5!

Must try include Claypot Crab Bee Hoon and Creamy Butter (crab/prawns!)

Mellben Seafood 海鲜螃蟹王
Blk 232
Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Street 22

How to get there:
From Ang Mo Kio Interchange take Bus Service 166 and alight opposite Mayflower Secondary School. Alternative bus services include 132, 165 and 169.

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