Monday, November 22, 2010

We love Taipei: Raohe Hu Jiao Bing 饶河街胡椒饼

Still at Raohe Night Market - this is something that you will not miss as this is located directly after the east entrance of the market!

And definitely not missed it because of the LONG queue as well. Picky Girlfriend had to queue for about 10-15min before it was her turn to order! And while queuing, Fussy Boyfriend was busy exploring what the stall holders are doing and more importantly to take pictures too!

Hu Jiao Bing
means "Pepper Biscuit" when translated literally. So does it really taste like pepper biscuit you may wonder? The first impression of this word, was that we thought it would be something plain and has a strong taste of pepper, but we were wrong!

It was actually something like a crispy peppered bun with meat filling. Main ingredients of the dish - Flour, meat and LOTS of spring onions! And of course not forgetting the traditional tandoor oven used and the buns will be placed at the inner side of the oven and scrapped off once cooked.

Mountains of meat and spring onions waiting to be wrapped in a bun!

The stall helpers were very fast and efficient in making each bun and this is the product that you'll see before sending them to the oven. Is really amazing to see how they wrap the bun and you'll also be surprised how much spring onions were used in each bun.

Very pretty looking buns glazed with layer of oil before cooking

And of course after the long wait, our bun is finally ready! :)

Looking super yummy and topped with sesame seed to give it an extra level of crispy-ness! The bottom of the bun was also slightly charred also gave it a stronger flavour to it on the whole.

And it was almost impossible to take a bite was this was really piping hot and the meat sauce would ooze out if you are not careful! We had to wait for it to cool before really tasting it.

And our verdict? It was a yummy bun with crispy crust and juicy meat fillings! The hu jiao bing was not as peppered as expected but good enough. Worth the queue as this is really something different that is not available locally. But guess for people who do not like spring onions, this may be a challenge to eat this, but still worth trying and maybe your perception may change after this :)

Raohe Hu Jiao Bing 饶河街胡椒饼
Raohe Night Market

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