Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wan Dou Sek Dim Sum 揾到食 Part 1 of 3

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend always have friends asking them where is a good place for dim sum so this time round we will recommend this place along Geylang which serves mouth watering dim sum! :)

This place! "揾到食" is usually pronounced in Cantonese as Wan Dou Sek
and interestingly the store is located at No.126 of the street so it really sounded the same!

The place is very traditional looking but don't be deceived by the outlook, this place has one of the most YUMMY dim sum we ever tried before. And even better, they operate 24hr so is a good place for late night owl who do not know where to head for supper!

Interesting signboards which reads "Hong Kong" and "Kowloon" in the air-conditioned section of the place

This was not the first time we ate there and without fail there would always be a loyal crowd there. We would also be spoilt for choice everytime we were presented with the menu!

So here's what we ordered, a must have for all dim sum meals!

Har Gao (Prawn dumplings) - $3 per serving

We love the Har Gao as it is important that prawns are fresh coupled with thin skin to go with. And this Har Gao definitely fits the bill with large crunchy prawns and skin that is thin enough that goes well with the har gao.

and the winner of this dim sum is the sweet chilli that makes everything even more delicious!

is an awesome combination! :)

The other must have at dim sum is siew mai

$3 for one serving and $3.50 if you order the prawn version of the siew mai

The siew mai tasted awesome as well. You can really taste the meat and how juicy it was the moment you savour it in your mouth. Dippin' the sweet chilli for extra flavour. Very yummy and we are certain that we will try the prawn version of the siew mai next time we go there to see what the difference is.

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Har gao & Siew mai: 3.5/5

There were lots more that we tried and we will continue with Part 2 soon!

So stay tune! :)

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