Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We love Taipei: Raohe Yuan Zhu Min Taiwan Sausage 原住民山猪肉香肠

And on Day 2 of our Taiwan Trip, we headed to the Raohe Night Market (饶河街观光夜市)for more street food! Interestingly, Raohe Night Market is the also first night market in Taiwan so both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend were excited to see how is offered here.

There were really SO MUCH to try and we have heard that food offered in each night market were slightly different. And indeed we spotted a few stores that we couldn't wait to try! We haev tried Taiwan Sausages before in Shilin marker but this really attracted our attention as this is Taiwan Sausage but made of wild boar meat!

We cannot recall how much it cost exactly, but this wild boar version of the Taiwan sausage was slightly more expensive than the usual ones.

While waiting for our orders, we were surprised to see that there was a basket of garlic placed in front of the store and wondered what it was used for. There were 2 friendly locals who were queuing in front of us who probably saw our puzzled face and shared with us that the correct way of eating sausage is to have a bite of the sausage together with a bite of the garlic. This is supposed to bring out the fragrance of the sausage.

Real pretty looking sausages!

The meat was sweet and tender and the moment you bite it, the meat sauce will ooze out. This really tasted better than the normal sausages.We love it and it was SO GOOD that we can't help but ordered another one (which is out of usual as our agreement was to try as many variety as possible, so quantity must be limited).

So this is a MUST try! :)

  • Raohe market is located near the famous Garment wholesaler for clothes, Wu Fen Pu (五分埔. So it is about 10-15 mins walk to reach there

Yuan Zhu Min Taiwan Sausage 原住民山猪肉香肠
Raohe Night Market
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