Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wan Dou Sek Dim Sum 揾到食 Part 2 of 3

Now at Part 2 of Wan Dou Sek Dim Sum again (Sorry for the lack of post, but we were quite busy recently!). So back to the yummy food we tried, here's another one that we will recommend - Stewed Pork Bun or more commonly known as Kong Bak Bao which actually has braised pork belly slices wrapped in a bun.

$3 for 4 pieces

The moment it was served, the fragrance of the braised pork immediately filled our nostrils and we were really surprised cos the buns were much smaller than the usual kong bak bao. In fact looks more like a fun sized kong bak bao!

and fun sized kong bak bao really tasted much yummier and somehow felt less sinful ;)

Amazing lean fatty meat used (sounds contradicting, but is true! the fatty meat used was leaner than the rest! so is a healthier choice!)
. And just look at how thin the bun is!

And as we gave a bite to it, the taste was amazing as the meat was well braised and stewed to the right texture. Not too hard, not too soft. Just so right that the fatty portion of the meat would just melt in your mouth when you ate it. You can try pressing a little and you would be able to see the braised sauce seeping into the bun.

We totally love this! =)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Kong Bak Bao: 3.75/5

Another we tried is the lotus leaf glutinous rice (荷叶饭) which Picky Girlfriend has ordered as she really has a soft spot for such dishes.

Lotus leaf Glutinous Rice $3.50

Other than the main ingredient glutinous rice, there were also meat, mushroom and even peanut which was not so common in other versions we have tried before.

Every grain of the rice was covered and filled with the lotus leaf fragrance and was also less oily than what we have expected. Meat was also well marinated and mushroom was the kind that is thick and firm.

Worth trying it (though we would recommend going with other dishes as glutinous rice can be quite filling!)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice: 3.25/5

Stay tune while we prepare the last part of Wan Dou Sek dim sum! :)

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