Sunday, October 31, 2010

We love Taipei: Shilin Xiao Zhuang Coffin Toast 士林小莊官财板

Not sure if anyone guessed what we are going to blog this time just by looking at the sneak peek picture in the previous post.

So this post will be about coffin toast! We blogged about this previously when there was a Taiwan fair back here locally so we were excited when we saw this at Shilin Market!

Long queue and there is a choice of different fillings too (ie: Chicken, Pork, Beef etc) which is something different since what we had before was a standard.

So we chose the one with chicken filling and watched the store owner prepare the coffin toast where the thick toast that is fried till golden brown. Very pretty!

Something that is slightly different from what we tried previously was that they topped up the chicken sauce with shredded lettuce and some special sauce. Not sure whether the vege is the norm but we are sure the special sauce is their secret recipe!

Skillfully and carefully cutting the toast to insert the creamy chicken sauce in.

and when you lift it open, this is what it looks like! Filled with creamy sauce and shredded chicken.

The toast was yummy and really crispy on the outside with generous serving of the shredded chicken. The addition of the lettuce gave it a lighter taste so at least you would not feel too sick of eating the fried toast. So turned out to be quite a good combination afterall!

Would prefer the sauce to be more creamy like the one we have tried before and that would be perfect :)

Shilin Xiao Zhuang Coffin Toast 士林小莊官财板
Shilin Night Market
(Just behind the Aiyu store)

PS: There are still ALOT more of Taiwan food to blog about! But we know you'll miss yummy food in Singapore too. So we will slot food from SG and TW in between to have a good mix :)

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