Friday, November 5, 2010

As-Shifaa Cafe Nasi Ayam

This post is long overdue since we Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend tried this before we even went for our Taiwan Trip! And as promised we will try to slot in local food together with the Taiwan food we have tried to you a variety of yummy food :)

This place is recommended by Fussy Boyfriend whose friend brought him here to try once and that's enough to get him hooked ever since!

Don't be deceived by the outlook of the store. Though small, business is really good. We were lucky to reach there early for lunch so still managed to get a seat. There were about 7-8 tabloes only, so be there early! Otherwise, most likely would have to take away.

The lady boss was also humorous enough to always respond to customers who complained there are always no tables, seems like alot of them are regular customers too!

Large pots of boiling oil to fry the chicken!

And after waiting for about 10-15 mins, food is finally ready.. and served. Choice of either drumstick or wings nasi ayam. And we chose the one with drumstick :)

First take - Looks really nice and we can't wait to try it! Come with sweet sambal chilli sauce and a bowl of soup.

$4, no difference between choice of chicken parts

The rice looks very normal but was really fragrant and not oily at all. Wait till you try the chicken and you will know why there is always constant queue there. Is SO crispy on the outside and the meat extremely tender.

Dip it with the sambal chicken sauce together with the kicap (Soy sauce) where you can find it placed on the table. The combination is simply heavenly!

MUST TRY! We spoke to the boss briefly and they have been in business for about 5 years and he claimed that this is the cheapest Nasi Ayam in town area. We are not sure whether we can find cheaper versions but for this price and quality, it is definitely worth trying!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Nasi Ayam: 4.25/5

  • Ask for extra crumbs from the lady boss at no additional charges. The crumbs are fragrant and goes well with the rice

As-Shifaa Cafe Nasi Ayam
304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza
Opening hours 11am -5.30pm (or earlier if sold out)

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