Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We love Taipei: Shilin Lao Jie Zai Lemon Aiyu 士林舊街仔柠檬爱玉

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend would remind each other to drink all sorts of drinks so other than bubble tea, another drink which is a must try is the aiyu drink which is equivalent to the our ice jelly locally, but over there is a drinkable version!

Still at Shilin, we saw this store that looks quite interesting as the signboard has a vintage feel and it sells a variety of Aiyu + other combination.

Eg: Iced Aiyu, Mung bean with aiyu, Aiyu lemon juice, aiyu with pearls etc etc.

LARGE pool of aiyu, almost all the stores selling aiyu have this! and believe lemon is used to keep the aiyu more refreshing!

and we saw this that really caught our eyes. Fresh milk with aiyu! and we ordered one normal aiyu and another Fresh Milk with Aiyu

and this was how it was prepared. The lady used a ladle together with a small butter knife and began to slide the aiyu into smaller pieces and before filling the up with fresh milk.

so the final product looks like this!

PS: Pardon the picture (Picky Girlfriend was cropped out) as this was the only one we have with a full cup! All other pictures were almost half gone as we just couldn't stop drinking the moment we started! That only shows how good the drink was! ;)

See what we meant when we were left with less than half cup and started taking photos!

The drink was awesome! the Aiyu jelly was so smooth that it would easily glide down your throat. The fresh milk was not too milky and in fact surprising light for such drinks. Also has a special sweetness to it which made us wonder whether that came from the fresh milk or was it their secret recipe!

Very very refreshing :)

We loved the drink so much that when we headed for Shilin a few days after, we bought the same drink again :)

Last look at the store and a sneak peak to what we will have in the next post. Can you spot what it is?

Shilin Lao Jie Zai Lemon Aiyu 士林舊街仔柠檬爱玉
(Located next to a store that sells yummy peanut candy!)
Shilin Night Market

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