Friday, October 22, 2010

We love Taipei: Shilin Sheng Xiang Chang 士林昇香肠

Still at Shilin Night Market since there were really SO MUCH to try and we really wanted to try as much as we could! Picky's girlfriend colleague has told her this is one of the must try food which is named "大肠包小肠"

if the dish is being translated, this literally means "big intestine wrapping a smaller intestine". However interestingly there is not form of intestine used at all! And we actually found out that for this dish, the big sausage refers to glutinous rice shaped in a white sausage and will wrap with an authentic taiwan sausage!

as we walked along, we found this store with quite alot of people queuing. Just check out the variety of sausages that are sold here!

and a closer look!

Sausages are huge and those that are placed in front that look like satays are actually..... 七里香! (aka: chicken backside!) which we really didn't dare to try.

This is the store with a history of 43 years so must be something good!

So we ordered our share of 大肠包小肠 and it costs only 50NT! Some snapshots while they are preparing the food and so we made it the "大肠包小肠 collage"!

it's really interesting how glutinous rice can be presented similar to a sausage shape. after slicing the glutinous sausage into half, some special sauce were added in together with some pickles and shredded cucumber before completing the dish with a Taiwan sausage on top of it!

and we just have to twist it at the end to roll up the sausage. is very very yummy and we were surprised at how good the combination was! the pickles and cucumber certainly brought extra crunchiness to this and the sauce leaves a tangy feeling after that.

the taiwan sausage was BBQ to perfection over charcoal. no wonder this particular store has been in this business for 43 years (and counting)!

Twist it to have more!

Picky Girlfriend was so hooked to this that we came back here again to buy this a few days later! Very very yummy! MUST TRY! :)

Shilin Sheng Xiang Chang 士林昇香肠
Shilin Night Market
Stall 308

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