Monday, October 18, 2010

We love Taipei: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 豪大大鸡排

And we headed to Shilin Night market (sometimes spelled as Shihlin) for more food! However when we looked at the map, we realised that the place where the majority of the food are sold is known as Shilin Food Square instead. Seemed like is a misconception by many (but do correct us if we are wrong!)

So Shilin Night Market is the opposite the station and sell a mixture of food and other random stuff like clothes, accessories etc. This place is really very crowded despite we went on a weekday. And we were spoilt for choice when we saw this...

we-so-wana-try-everything! :)

Something that everyone should be quite familiar and would have tried when you go Shilin Night market is the 豪大大鸡排! located just at the first row of the food street, so you definitely won't missed it due to the super long queue too!

The famous 豪大大鸡排 which serves their fried chicken cutlet in a whole piece. NT 50 only!

But be prepared to queue! Picky girlfriend and Fussy boyfriend queued for at least 20 mins before it was our turn! The staff handed us plastic bags in advance which Picky girlfriend thought was quite a smart way as that means you won't want to leave empty handed!

Chicken that is fried, just out from the pot and left to cool before served. And the person will ask you whether you want it spicy/non spicy. So natually being chilli lovers (ok, picky girlfriend only!), we chose the former and the end product is this!

Topped with pepper and red pepper powder

Savory, tasty, crispy on the outside and firm chicken meat in the inside, in a super large serving all for only for NT 50! SUPER GOOD DEAL! We loved the fact that this is deep fried yet did not feel oily for some reason.

A must try! However we didn't finished this as this was really too large a serving and we really wanted to save some of the space to try other food :)

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 豪大大鸡排
Shilin Night Market
No actual address but you wouldn't miss it with the huge crowd queuing in front of the store!

How to get there:
5 mins walk from nearest MRT - Jiantan station

PS: We have more food recommendation from Shilin! Stay tune for subsequent posts! ;)

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