Sunday, October 17, 2010

We love Taipei: Ximending Extra Large Soft Serve 巨无霸霜淇淋

Another one we spotted while walking along ximending that looks very interesting: Soft serve ice cream! extra large version!

The flavours that are offered - Chocolate, Vanilla, Mixture of both and another machine has mango, yam or combination of both. Which they named it the 综合口味.

Small serving 15NT and large serving is 25NT (which is about SGD$1 only for the big serving!)

and so we created a collage while the ice cream is being created! Check out the increase of the height of the ice cream in each picture.

We call this the "XMD XL Ice cream collage" :)

the end product?

an extra large serving of soft serve! We were a little too greedy cos in the end we ate till we had a brain freeze and still didn't manage to finish the ice cream and it started to melt! So we would actually recommend the smaller one if you really want to try this. Otherwise it would melt easily and make a mess after that.

But overall it was still a good deal and a good experience. The ice cream was not too sweet and tasted like the ice cream we have eaten during our childhood days :)

Ximending Extra Large Soft Serve 巨无霸霜淇淋
No actual address, simply walk along XMD and you should be able to find this.

How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Ximen station

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