Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr Bean Pancake

The place that Picky girlfriend loves their soya bean ice-cream! and this time they have new flavours for their pancake. So of course, as usual us being curious, we tried the new flavours!

Check out the new flavours - Milo Lava, Caramel Custard and Egg Mayo.

So we tried the first 2 flavours as egg mayo will seem too filling! all the pancakes look the same at the exterior so what makes the difference is really the filling. We wanted to be adventurous and ordered something really out of the usual (eg: redbean and kaya). So here's what we tried:

Milo Lava pancake $1.50

We loved the way how the filling is warm and oozes out from the pancake. So be cautious not to scald yourself when eating this. The filling is quite generous and Fussy Boyfriend being a super milo fan felt that this tasted just right and not too sweet.

Picky Girlfriend however felt that this would be a slight disappointment for super chocolate fans as the milo lava filling is not too "chocolatey" as expected!

And this flavour is only here for a limited time only till 31st Oct. They have other milo variants such as Icy Milo Soya which we did not try. If anyone of you has tried, let us know whether is nice or not! :)

The next one we tried was Caramel Custard Pancake (the name itself sounds very tantalizing!)

Caramel Custard Pancake $1.50

When we took the first bite, both picky girlfriend and fussy boyfriend had the same reaction. It tasted like....

MacD's hotcakes!

Not sure why, but it really tasted similar to that so Fussy Boyfriend loved it especially he is a very pastry-kind-of person! Picky Girlfriend felt it was a tad too sweet for her liking though. Overall pancake is soft and fluffy.

Picky Girlfriend's Rating for Mr Bean pancake: 3/5
Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Mr Bean pancake: 3.25/5

How to get there:
Available at all Mr Bean Outlets, you can find the various stores' location here.

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