Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rock & Ash (Fries, Dips, Coffee)

We were walking back from Marina Square to Esplanade MRT and chance upon this new store which looks pretty interesting! This place would have been easily missed out since it was located in a more deserted spot of the mall.

Rock & Ash

The menu that was displayed - was quite interesting and attractive to lure the 2 foodies in :)

And was surprised to find that the place was really quite cozy and made us felt at home.

The counter

Love the interior design!

Since we were not too hungry, we settled for some light bites! And we really took a while to decide since there were really an extensive selection of sweet, savoury and spicy homemade dips! So this was what we ordered!

Large Rockin' fries with spicy cheese sauce ($4.90)

Fries are fried on the spot to ensure freshness and that we are sure of piping hot fries will be served to us, so you can expect waiting time of about 5 mins or so and they will request for your name so when the fries are ready, they would call out your name for collection.

The fries used are the more fluffier kind which are thicker and softer (similar to what's served in MOS Burger) and lightly salted.

The Spicy cheese dip seems very harmless, but wait till you tried it!

The dip has a strong cheesy taste and some chilli flakes in there (if you look at the picture closely enough) Not sure what they have used, but it definitely has the power of chilli padi! Very shiok and spicy dip indeed!

We also ordered an additional dip for $1 - Lemon Curd sauce which was tagged as the "Must try" by Rock & Ash.

Next we tried the lemon curd dip which the texture was a little jam-like spread but slightly thicker. The lemon curd was zesty, not too sour and has an appropriate level of sweetness to it! Surprisingly refreshing and a new twist to dips!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for Fries with dips: 3/5

However the both of us really love the atmosphere there, is a good place to chill so rating can go up to 3.5/5! We will definitely be back to try the other food!

Rock & Ash (Fries, Dips, Coffee)
6 Raffles Boulevard
#B1-03 Marina Square
Opening hours 10am - 10.30pm (weekdays), 11pm (weekends)

How to get there:
Nearest MRT - Esplanade MRT (via new Marina link)


  1. Gonna bring jem go try...haa he likes the BEST FRIES FOREVER at cine..heh

  2. haha! try the rest of the dips and let us know nice or not k :)

  3. the Loas cuppacino is best .. shd try

  4. @Anonymous: thanks! we saw that too! i think we will be back there to try the food again! Great ambiance! :)

  5. Yup, loved the fries, dips and drinks.

  6. @Daniel: So what dip did you try and like best? :)