Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fatty Weng Restaurant Cze Char

This is a place where almost every taxi drivers will know, as long as you tell them is Fatty Weng Restaurant! And usually they will ask "is it the one next to Singapore badminton court?" This restaurant is actually quite hard to miss since it is located near the main road.

And this is also interesting as this is one of the few Cze Char store that we have seen before that has an open kitchen!

So here's what we tried. Fried hor fan with bee hoon, sweet sour pork and sambal kangkang!

Another interesting combination since we have never tried something like that as most cze char only come with one type of noodle/hor fan/bee hoon. So over here you can really choose your combination based on your preference!

hor fan with bee hoon with seafood $6 (it comes in $8, $10 and $12 as well).

Thought it was quite expensive for a plate of hor fan (other cze char stores only selling about $3-$3.50) but the moment we took a bite, we immediately understood the rationale of more expensive = quality!

The hor fan was SO smooth that we really felt like slurping them down! Bee hoon will provide an extra layer of texture to this item. As we observed the chefs, we realised that these are cooked from scratch, instead of the hor fan being cooked in advanced and only serve by adding the gravy to it. Both Picky girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend like the fact that the food is not too salty. Prawns are super fresh and crunchy too!

Sweet Sour Pork
First take: We were alittle disappointed as the colour of the meat seemed very overcooked!

Sweet sour pork ($12, $15, $20, $30

But similar to the fried hor fan + bee hoon, we can't judge the book by its cover! The ketchup gravy is thick and very tasty. Sweet and sour pork is crispy on the outside and firm in the inside. So we just can't stop eating it! :) A pity there are no pineapple cubes used in the dish but still, definitely good to have a bowl of rice to go with but we were too full to eat any more carbo.

Sambal Kangkong
First take: looks very yummy!

And is true! the kangkang has absorbed the sambal sauce well, so it super tasty. Looks spicy but turned out just fine. The dish has used alot of dried shrimps which made it very fragrant. And every mouthful will have the dried shrimp in them. Yummy!

  • There is also an air con section of the restaurant so is suitable for family gatherings/meals too!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend love all 3 dishes we tried! So rating for all 3 dishes is 4.25/5! Overall food is really good though is slightly pricer as compared to other cze char stores. But we will definitely bring friends here so we can try a greater variety of dishes!

Fatty Weng Restaurant
94, Guillemard Road
(Beside Singapore Badminton Hall)

How to get there
Bus Services available:
7, 70, 197


  1. You can go Crab,Prawn fishing after eating there. There's a prawning hangout inside the Singapore badminton Hall

  2. @Anonymous: yes! we have walked passed there many times but not tried it! Have you tried the prawning there before? How was it?

  3. Never tried before , but heard got both prawn and crab fishing inside