Thursday, August 5, 2010

唐记Tong Kee Charcoal BBQ Chicken Wing

Here we are again back at Old Aiport Road Hawker Centre for more good food as Fussy Boyfriend felt that there were more to blog about other than the famous Lor Mee which we have blogged about previously!

The store was almost closing though we reached there earlier than the closing time at about 10.30pm! Business must be really good as the boss decided to call it a day since all the chicken wings were sold out that day! He was also very friendly and knowing that we were taking photos, switch on the lights for the signboard again.

First take: the chicken wings look really well done though some were a little charred.

Once we took a bite, we know this chicken wing is different from the ones we've tried before. The meat is tender and soft and the skin with a slight crisp. You can even taste the freshness of the chicken as the wings are not overly marinated.

Did you see what we see?

One thing that Fussy Boyfriend spotted was like, this chicken wing is amazingly non-sticky to the fingers! (Imagine everytime you consume chicken wing and how the tissue always tear off when you try to wipe the oil off your hands?). Tong Kee Chicken wings do not have such problem! :)

And we were able to wash off greasiness from our hands with water only and no soap at all! Amazing!

The chilli which was sweet and a little sour made the wings tastier by giving it another twist to the flavour. At only $1 per piece, this is definitely worth buying!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for BBQ chicken wings: 4/5

  • Squeeze lime over the wings to give it an extra flavour and more importantly lime can 'wash' away the oil better than anything else!
  • Tong Kee provides marinated raw chicken wings for your BBQ party! Reserve a day in advance for special rates

唐记Tong Kee Charcoal BBQ Chicken Wing
Blk 51 #01-24 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Mon - Sat : 5pm-12am
Sun - Public holidays: 1pm-12am

How to get there:
Bus Service Available - 10, 10e, 16, 30, 30e, 31, 32, 33
Alight at Old Aiport Road Blk 39

Alternatively, take the circle line and alight at either Dakota / Mountbatten station. Old Airport Road Hawker is just a short walk away


  1. cooolll.....really not sticky come it looks sticky...haaa

  2. Starry Starry night: Yes, really not sticky which is why is very amazing! :)

  3. The chicken wing taste so so only and the lady boss is very rude. Full mouth of F words.

  4. @dealfast: we went a few times and was served by an uncle (in the first photo!). Do you have other chicken wings to recommend? :)