Sunday, July 25, 2010

新美香 Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee

Lor Mee is one of Picky Girlfriend's favourite especially the 3 layer meat which has been replaced in many other Lor Mee to other ingredients. So Fussy Boyfriend brought Picky Girlfriend to Old Airport Road Hawker of which queues have been seen at this particular Lor Mee store!


Apparently the Lor Mee must be really good since the store stopped selling the Prawn noodle altogether and just focus on Lor Mee currently.

We went on a weekday morning to avoid the possible lunchtime crowd but at 8.45am, there were already about 6-7 people that were queuing ahead of us! And finally after about 15 minutes wait, our food is here!

Our first take:
And Picky Girlfriend can't wait to taste as it simply looks too inviting!

A closer look at the ingredients

Price range from $3-$4 and we ordered the $4 Lor Mee which came with a generous serving of ingredients of fish (that was hand tear) and others like braised egg and 3-layer meat. Both of us felt that this is a very traditional and authentic Lor Mee version as there were no other ingredients such as Ngoh Hiang or fishcake which are commonly found in other Lor Mee.

The gravy was thick yet smooth and with just a tinge of vinegar and cut chilli makes the Lor Mee tastier. The 3 layer meat was thin and tender, and the amount of fat was just right! However the braised egg was a let down as Fussy Boyfriend who is a egg-lover felt that the taste was lacking as the egg was not braised long enough.

Picky Girlfriend on the other hand felt that the fish which was supposedly their signature ingredient wasn't that impressive. The fact that it was hand tear made it more difficult to chew and it gets stuck to the teeth easily as well. Would prefer if fried/battered fish are used instead.

At the end of the food tasting, the gravy was very much intact in its thick form and minimal turning watery which was quite remarkable.

Overall rating for both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend:

  • Able to change to other variants (such as bee hoon, kway teow etc) if you are not used to the typical flat noodles that are used for Lor Mee.
  • If you have any special order (eg: additional chilli, no garlic or coriander leaf etc), do let the store holder in advance as they will tend to forget if there is a large crowd and you may have to end up waiting longer than usual if you need them to change your orders!

新美香 Xin Mei Xiang
Blk 51 #01-116

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
From 7am


  1. u can try the lor mee at amk hawker center quite awesome too...hope the standard haven drop..heh next time i bring the picky gf and fussy bf + my bebe go eat k!! :D

  2. Thanks Starry Starry night! Bring us there one day :)