Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brunch at Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)

Hello all! It has been a long hiatus! It's a period of busy house renovating (finally it's done!) and now to wedding preparation so this blog has really been neglected. We have sooooo many posts to share so just stay tune as we slowly tune back to blogging!

Chanced upon this cafe when we were researching for outdoor shoot, Picky Girlfriend really wanted one scene with cafe so was doing extensive research on which cafe is would be good for taking photos! And turns out Department of Caffeine (D.O.C) was one of the shortlisted cafes! We were extremely late in the schedule so Picky Girlfriend quickly called up the cafe and Andrew was really nice to keep the cafe open for us just for our shoot! Thanks Andrew! :)

Subsequently, we visited the cafe for the food and we fell in love with it! Always always crowded, so do remember to make reservations!

First up the menu! (Note that this was taken a while back, so menu may have changed!)

Picky Girlfriend ordered a flat white and Fussy Boyfriend had a cup of cappucino!

Loving the coffeeart!

We ordered 2 different sets of breakfast and what caught our attention is the DOC breakfast platter. REALLY GOOD!

This was what Picky Girlfriend ordered Sunny side up, sausages and mushrooms! Sausages were a tad too salty for our liking.

And presenting the DOC breakfast platter! So so soooo gooood! Comes with a generous serving of scrambled eggs, thick bacon, a de-skined whole tomato and some fried cheese on toast (not sure if there is a proper name for it).



The eggs were so runny and it's really the first time that we encountered such a thick bacon! (think the texture of thick luncheon meat!). The toast on the day was a little burnt, but seriously the rest of the ingredients already covered for it! One mouthful of egg plus bacon plus toast = heavenly!

That was how thick the bacon was! Yummmms.

It was also our first time trying a de-skined tomato and was rather skeptical about it as we would think that it would be easily overcooked and dry, but trust us, this tomato is SO GOOD, so juicy and fresh! Really gonna make the tomatoes haters think twice after trying this!

Initially we were thinking the 2 fried pieces at the side would be probably hash browns, so was pleasantly surprised that it was fried cheese. Totally blown about from the crispy exterior and the oozing cheese from within!

We were too full and satisfied to try any desserts so there we went again on our 2nd visit for desserts and drinks!

Ordered the waffles after reading raves about it. Indeed one of the better waffles around with a mixture of crispy exterior and soft waffles with bananas and a scoop of vanillia ice cream... and more importantly topped with rum sauce. Totally worth the calories! ;)

And of course some drinks to go with it. Fussy Boyfriend ordered the hot chocolate and Picky Girlfriend was looking for something more refreshing so tried the yogurt drink! Both tasted good and worth trying especially for the hot chocolate! Thick enough and not too sweet!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend rating for brunch 4.5/5 
(would really score full marks if crowd is lesser, but nevertheless everyone goes for good food, so it was really unavoidable!). Great place for brunch, definitely going back again for more!

Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)
15 Duxton Road
Website here - remember to make reservation!
(Note: Cafe accepts only cash payment, so please prepare enough cash for your meals!)

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