Sunday, July 28, 2013

Porridge Buffet at The Rajah Inn

Another good recommendation from Picky Girlfriend's colleagues who brought her to a porridge buffet for one!  Picky Girlfriend is considered a fan of teochew porridge due to the variety of dishes available but sometimes did not go ahead with the purchase since it's quite limited how much 1 person can order in the usual stall. So a porridge buffet was definitely a welcome since there are lots of dishes available and you can get to try a bit of everything!

Futhermore we have not blogged about porridge buffet since the last one at Suntec, but it's already closed since the place has gone through major renovation.

And the most attractive thing about the buffet...... was the price! At only $6.90++ per adult, it's like a true gem found. So this time Picky Girlfriend brought Fussy Boyfriend along, who is an avid fan of teochew style porridge too. Rajah inn offers a indo-chinese style, porridge buffet which suits our tastebuds too!

Serving is based on self service, and dishes are served in buffet lines. Here are some of then items we tried!

Chinese sausage


Braised peanuts


Steamed egg


Minced meat

And Picky Girlfriend's favourite are the following:


Braised Pork belly! Super sinful but once popped, it melts in the mouth. Very very heavenly!


Bean paste bittergourd, which is very very good too! We know that alot of people aren't fans of bittergourd, but this dish is so well cooked! A must to complement porridge, otherwise might seem a little salty to eat on its own. 


And fried fish fillet! Seldom a dish to go with porridge, but this fried fish fillet taste good even on its own with light seasonings on the batter. Head towards the cashier counter to get yourself some mayonnaise to go with it!

And finally Picky Girlfriend presents.... The porridge collage! Realised too few photos were taken due to famished us who cleared the dishes before our camera were dished out. We definitely tried alot more different dishes! :)

Very affordable porridge buffet with lots of variety and good service. Definitely one that is hard to come by. Will be back for lunch anytime soon and also perhaps to try out what they offer for steamboat too!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend rating for Porridge buffet: 4.25/5 

The Rajah Inn
302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-13/14/15
Tiong Bahru Plaza

Opens daily: 11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m (note porridge buffet is only for lunch hours 11.30am - 2.30pm)

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