Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amy's Laksa

It's finally the long awaited long weekend! Do you realise that the last public holiday we had was actually during Chinese new year! And to begin with the weekend, Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend decided to visit this stall which we have always frequent but always did not have a chance to blog about!

Our comfort food in the neighourhood, laksa! This was introduced by Picky Girlfriend to Fussy boyfriend as she has been eating this since a few years back even before they shifted to this stall in the hawker centre. Be prepared to queue as the stall not only sells laksa, but also has prawn noodles and mee siam. Other than the taste, it is also attributed to the large serving of the noodles with generous ingredients!

Picky Girlfriend's version - no cockles, with yellow noodles. The auntie will give an extra prawn and fishcake in replacement of the cockles :)

At only $2.50, this is really highly recommended and definitely able to fulfill your laksa craving. The laksa soup has the right amount of coconut used so you wont feel it's too "jelat"after eating it! You can also taste a strong shrimp fragrance (like that of hae bee hiam) which really made the soup very yummy!

Although it's always tempting to finish the soup, we always had to think twice since this is coconut based and to be health conscious :)

Thick, creamy, yummy!

Topped with cockles, fishcake, tau pok, prawns, beansprouts together with homemade chilli and laksa leaves, this is rare find in the neighbourhood who keeps to affordable price and quality. Picky Girlfriend loves it with the choice of yellow noodles as it is able to absorb the fragrance and soup entirely.

Picky girlfriend is never a fan of tau pok, but once this is soaked with the laksa gravy, it is really hard to resist :)

Fussy Boyfriend on the other hand loves it with the thick vermicelli and cockles to give it an extra oomph and adds a seafood freshness to the laksa soup.

Long queue is a common sight for this stall especially during lunch hours and during weekends!

Both Picky girlfriend & Fussy Boyfriend rating for Laksa : 4.5/5

Picky Girlfriend's extra tips: If you are still left with extra gravy, why not buy a you tiao (油条) and dip it in! You'll love it :)

Amy's Laksa
Marketplace @58
Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road
Opening hours: 7am - 1pm daily (Closed on Monday)


  1. Mai promote and make it popular; the queue is long enough as it is~ :D

  2. @ah fan: hahaha! ooops good things must be shared! but i think now auntie on holiday store is closed for 2 weeks till end of the month!