Monday, December 12, 2011

Tom Yam Goong Thai Food

Still on the coupon frenzy, Picky Girlfriend bought another set of coupons for a Thai buffet meal! Thai food always never fails to attract, the spicy tom yam, tangy mango salad, flavoursome green curry are Picky Girlfriend's weakness!

Sometimes coupon website like this really offers quite alot of choices and so it's a good time to try things we have not tried before and at a discounted rate! Sale of coupon is always limited so do look out for yummy food deals here.

Sawat-Dee krup!

At first impression, the buffet spread offered was very similar to the Suan Thai buffet we have tried previously. A total of 26 items are available, with some items as a one time order at $18 is really quite a steal.

It was already quite late when we reached the restaurant for dinner (Probably close to 8.30pm) and the place was really crowded so it was lucky that we made prior reservation.

Under the buffet menu, ice lemon tea is also served free flow, and both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend really love this drink as it is very refreshing! And of course the "fire-saving" alternative for Fussy Boyfriend when he finds any of the food items too spicy ;)

Probably due to the crowd, it took a while before our orders were served and in between some orders were missed. But luckily the-very-shiok tom yam soup made up for it!

Dont be judged by the clear tom yam soup colour, it can be quite spicy! Definitely gives you the kick and drink it while it's hot! We also love the fact that all the prawns' intentines are cleaned up and are super crunchy!

Picky Girlfriend can't help but ordered another serving of tom yam soup! (tom yam prawn is a one time order, or you can still order tom yam soup with chicken - which taste the same with just a chance of the main ingredient).

This is another multiple orders which we had - Fish Fillet in 3 flavour sauce. A little sour, sweet and crispy, all the right combination which made the fish taste yummy!

Papaya salad we tried out of curiosity as this is really not the usual kind of dish we will order, and it was surprisingly good! Crunchy, sourish with a tinge of spicyness by the chilli padi really increased the appetite!

Other items we tried! Must try include green curry and pineapple rice. Raisins can be found in the pineapple rice which made it tastier! The pomelo salad was quite refreshing too.

There are actually more dishes we didnt manage to try since we weren't too hungry. For beef lovers, there are really quite a few options (can't rate the beef dishes cos both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend do not eat beef, so let us know if you have a chance to try it!). Full buffet list can be found here.

And more importantly it is Halal certified which gives another option for our Muslim friends! What other buffets do you know of that is Halal certified, let us know! :)

Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Thai buffet: 3.5/5
(Price of all day buffet - $18 nett!)

Tom Yam Goong Thai Food
351 Bedok Road
Simpang Bedok

Opening Hours : Mon - Thurs (11.30am - 3pm, 5pm-10pm), Fri - Sun (11.30 - 10pm)
How to get there:
Bus Service 2, 9 and 10

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