Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yum Cha Ala-carte Dim Sum Buffet

This is probably the place that both Picky Girl and Fussy Boyfriend will think of when we are craving for dim sum buffet. There are quite limited places available that provide dim sum buffet at affordable rates and quality food.

Previously there were still River City Restaurant or Dragon Gate restaurant but they are all closed already. So Yum Cha is probably one of the better affordable ones remaining :)

There were quite alot of variety and every now and then the staff will be pushing the cart so you can choose the available food that are freshly prepared by kitchen. If you didn't manage to see what you want, just order from the staff.

If you have been following our blog, you would know we can't resist these!

Lots of siew mai and har gaos!

The Siew mais here tasted better than the har gaos so we ordered that twice!

And this is something that you would need to order more the moment you reach! Order more as it seems to run out fairly quickly.

Mini egg tarts

We like the fact that the egg is softer and the tart has a slight crisp to it. And it's mini so you can pop it in in 1 bite! :)

And this is another interesting dim sum - Prawn and mango roll! Seafood and mango makes a good combination by giving a slight fruity twist to the usual fried dim sum where you may get sick of eating them easily.

And also chee cheong fan with char siew filling. Nothing much to rave about but good enough to fix that craving.

And there were so many others that we tried. Yes just the 2 of us and we ordered so much! Leaving no other space for dinner which is the usual case after any high tea buffet!

Are you craving for some dim sum already? :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for Dim Sum buffet: 3.5/5

  • $19.80++ for High tea dim sum buffet
  • High tea buffet is only available on weekdays 3pm-6pm so if you have working commitments, you may have to take the afternoon off just to enjoy this!
  • Many of the dim sum comes in 3-4 servings, so would be good to have 3 person eating together :)

PS: We only know of a few places that serves dim sum at affordable rates, so if you happen to know any others, tip us off so we can have another dim sum food hunt again! :)

Yum Cha (Chinatown)
20 Trengganu Street
Opening hours 11am - 11pm
(Note: High tea Dim Sum Buffet only available weekdays 3pm-6pm)

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