Saturday, July 9, 2011

QQ Soyabean 冰冻豆花

Beancurd seems to be the new fad now! After blogging about Lao Ban previously, Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend are back to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre for another entry of beancurd, this time from QQ Soyabean that was recommended by one of our readers (Thanks Winson!).

Despite located in a more secluded location in the hawker, the blue and white signboards are very striking! Can't miss them!

There wasn't any queue when we were there so we were pretty excited cos this means we can save time queuing and savour the beancurd almost immediately!

All beancurds were already pre-packed like the ones below.

and kept in big fridges:

Despite starting the business in April, it was already featured in Makansutra! Must be good! :)

The boss, Mr Ang was also very friendly who always serves customer with a smile. He really shared alot with us and it's always interesting to hear how food stores first started, and the history behind them. Mr Ang emphasized the importance of serving customers and do not want customers to wait for long (Ahhh. That explains the short queue!)

We asked Mr Ang why the store was named QQ (we were thinking maybe the texture being very "Q" etc..). QQ has no special meaning, just easier for people for all age groups to remember and indeed it was easy to remember :)

First take:
Looks shiny and soft (it wobbles when the bowl was shaken)

Original $1.80 (big), $1.30 (small), Almond $2

And it really was! We love the fact that this beancurd is so soft, silky and smooth that when we tried scooping it up, the extra areas that are outside the spoon will just crumble to the side. It is also not so sweet where you will get sick of finishing it. So the taste is just nice and yummy!

Really live up to the claims on the signage boards! :)

In fact, the biggest difference in QQ beancurd was that you will not see any sugar syrup in the desserts like all other beancurd, but they use soyabean water instead. So this builds up the taste and also ensure the silkiness even after every scoop. And even until we are almost done with the beancurd, it doesn't turn watery.

Amazingly light and refreshing dessert and both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend prefers the Almond flavour beancurd! Strong almond flavour and still as smooth and silky as the original beancurd.

Another MUST TRY!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend Rating for QQ beancurd: 4.5/5

  • QQ Soyabean takes orders via phone also. So during lunch hour, you may want to place an order and pick up after that so avoid long waiting time
  • QQ Soyabean even has a facebook page! Check this out! Special discount for original beancurd till September by flashng e-coupon!

QQ Soyabean 冰冻豆花
Blk 51 #01-165
Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm
Closed on Monday except Public Holidays

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