Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tong Xing Roasted 同兴烧腊

Just a short post to recommend $2 good deal! It is true that you tend to discover more good food when you know the place well! So this time Fussy Boyfriend brought Picky Girlfriend for $2 Good deal!

Yes, you have not heard wrongly, $2 good deal! (and yes they still exist!)

So our recommendation is $2 Char Siew Rice. Picky Girlfriend was quite skeptical about this in the beginning as most of the $2 stuff she tried either tasted horrible, or the serving was pathetic! But this one which Fussy Boyfriend recommended, proved her wrong entirely!

First Take: The char siew looks very yummy and the serving was huge too!

The serving was not only huge but really the kind that is comparable to many which is sold at a higher price at other stores. The serving was so generous (for both the meat and rice) that this is really value for money!

Fussy Boyfriend had requested for additional sauce that really goes well with the rice. Sauce was sweet and fragrant and we both love the fact that the slightly charred char siew tasted at the side which made it more delicious!

Secret recipe lies within the furnace used to make the char siew!

The meat is tender and consist of majority lean meat. Dip it with the chilli for extra flavour that is not too spicy.

Definitely a good deal!! Roasted meat rice or Roasted Meat Char Siew Rice also at $2 too!

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Char Siew Rice: 3.75/5

Tong Xing Roasted 同兴烧腊
Blk 51 #01-158
Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Opening Hours 11am - 7pm (Closed on Thursday)

How to get there:
Bus Service Available - 10, 10e, 16, 30, 30e, 31, 32, 33
Alight at Old Aiport Road Blk 39

Alternatively, take the circle line and alight at either Dakota / Mountbatten station

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