Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zhou's Kitchen Hi-tea Buffet (Part 3 of 3)

Finally the last part for this entry before we head on for other food!

We will review some non-dim sum dishes which are also found on the hi-tea menu.

Make a guess what this is? Something crispy with some sauce to go with it..

Deep fried mushrooms with wasabi-mayo sauce!

This is really good and we had 2 servings of this. Fried till golden brown, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. And a dash of some black sesame seeds make it more fragrant as well.

This reminds Picky Girlfriend of the wasabi prawns she has tried before long ago but this time - the mushroom version! The sauce is really a good blend and not too choking like how wasabi tasted, so also recommended to those who do not really dare to eat wasabi as the taste is quite mild.

Recommended with 2 thumbs up! :) (4 if you consider Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend!)

Another appetiser we tried:
Smoked duck breast meat with jellyfish

We thought this was quite an interesting combination since we have never tried smoked duck before (all we heard of was smoked salmon!).

The smoked duck tasted more like ham and lacks the texture that we were expecting for duck mean (or is it really supposed to be like this?) The jellyfish was yummy, well marinated and just spicy enough to give you the extra kick.

Recommended for the jellyfish but not so much for the smoked duck. But you don't really have a choice since they are served as one dish ;)

Steamed glutinous rice with diced chicken (more commonly known as 荷叶饭). One basket consist 3 of this, and we were really too full to finish all.

Taste wasn't that bad, but it would have tasted better if the rice is not so sticky. It was more like Lor mai kai to us and lacking in the lotus leaf fragrance. Not so recommended as glutinous rice items takes up more stomach space when you can use it to try other things.

There are other items which we tried below:

From top (clockwise): Drunken Chicken, Carrot cake, Prawn paste chicken, Century egg with cucumber, Fried rice and Pan fried dumplings with Chives

And no, to the disappointment of all egg-tart fans. Egg tart has been removed from the menu (it was still there when we ate it last year!) :(

You can find the weekday buffet list here and is at $13.80++ per pax which is quite a reasonable price for such buffets.

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's overall rating for Hi-tea buffet: 3.25/5

  • Chinese tea goes well with dim sum especially if they "clears the oil" from the fried items. Go for 香片 if you are a lighter drinker, and pu-er for a stronger and bitter tea taste.

Zhou's Kitchen
10 Sinaran Drive #01-73 Square 2

How to get there:
Nearest MRT station: Novena MRT

(there are other outlets as well)


  1. looks good!!! shall go n try the buffet someday!

  2. @Y: is not bad and quite affordable. A pity they did not have egg tarts / chee cheong fan we love~