Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zhou's Kitchen Hi-Tea Buffet (Part 2 of 3)

Now is Part 2 of Zhou's Hi-Tea Buffet! There are too many things to cover so we can't possibly cover all in a single post (that will make too many people too hungry as well! :)

So we will cover the must-haves in most dim sum, the types people will order off hand, har gao and siew mai! hence we try them out and let you know whether they are worth trying or not!

Har Gao

Minced shrimps are used which we thought was a little too mushy for our liking as it lacks the crunchiness of the fresh prawns we were expecting, though we can still taste the sweetness of the shrimps. The har gao skin was also slightly too thick. Order if you are really craving for har gao.

Anyway, Picky girlfriend and Fussy boyfriend prefer har gao which uses crunchy whole prawns instead. What do you prefer? :)

Siew Mai

The siew mai was really quite good compared to the har gao that we ordered a 2nd serving (supposed to be 4 per serving, so this is special cos it came in 5!). The siew mai has a mixture of minced meat and shrimps which is quite tasty as the meat is very juicy. Best when eaten dipped with chilli sauce!


One last part on this hi-tea buffet before we complete this entry altogether! We will be discussing on some special items we tried!

As usual, stay tune and keep recommending good food/places to us!:)

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