Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ann Chin Popiah 安珍薄饼

Here we are at Chinatown (finally somewhere which is not so East anymore! :)

There are alot of things to be tried in Chinatown Complex Market, but since we were not too hungry, here's something light that we can recommend! We first got to know this popiah at the food fair that were held every now (at Suntec City / Singapore expo) and hence this kinda left quite a deep impression so we check out the original store which is located in Chinatown.

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend knows alot more about popiah as coincidentally both families are into making home made popiah during our Chinese New Year which are really hot favourites! :)

First take:


In case anyone is not familiar with this, this is what we call springroll and the ingredients that made up this includes turnip, lettuce, beansprouts and shredded carrot. Other optional add-on includes chinese sausages and hard boiled egg to make this tastier. And of course not forgetting the sweet sauce and chilli as the base and grated peanuts.

Ann Chin Popiah uses their own freshly made popiah skin which is really a plus point as most of the stores use ready made ones from machines.

Hand made popiah skin are very soft and the moment you bite on it, the flavours of all ingredients just burst together in your mouth - the combination of chinese sausage and fragrance, freshness of turnips, cruchiness coming from peanuts and lettuce topped with sweet sauce and a slight spicyness from the chilli.

One word to describe: Satisfying! :)

Closer look at the ingredients

The store also sells their own hand made popiah skin at $16 per kg and fried yam rolls at $1.60

Picky girlfriend's rating for Popiah: 3.75/5
Fussy Boyfriend's rating for Popiah: 3.25/5

Ann Chin Popiah 安珍薄饼
Blk 335
Chinatown Complex Market
Smith Street
Weekdays 10am - 9pm (Off on Thursday)
Weekends and public holiday 9am - 9pm
Update on 29 Nov - We were there on a Monday and it was closed as well! So please take note!

How to get there
Bus Service available: 2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28
Alight at New Bridge Road, Chinatown MRT


  1. Did you try the stall selling double boiled soups just beside it?Worth a try the next time you drop by, as are the Shanghai ZHu Chang Fen & the Chui Kway~Oh, I was there as well~

  2. Wow! We've not tried those before as we were really looking of something light to eat that day! Will take your recommendation into consideration!

    Thanks! :)