Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seafood Trail by the Sea @Barnacles

And yes Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend are back in action! With the festive season coming up, we thought it will be good to recommend more atas places for dinner!

Picky Girlfriend was lucky enough to win a contest which entitles us to dine at Barnacles! As the name suggests, we are in for a treat for SEAFOOOOOOOD buffet! We have so many yummy pictures to share so let the pictures do the talking!

The restaurant is not big, but selection is available indoors (for appetizers, desserts and cold dishes) and outdoors (for soups and BBQ food).

So we started off with the appetizers and cold dishes.

Cold prawns and Alaskan Cold crabs! Picky Girlfriend's favourite is to dip the prawns in thousand island sauce! Yummms.

 Quail egg with roes

And freshly opened oysters. Fussy Boyfriend tried a few and commented it was fresh and sweet! Picky Girlfriend gave it a miss as it was too raw and slimey for her liking!

Big succulent salad prawns with Thai sauce. Definitely love prawns which are fresh, big and crunchy! And more importantly since they are already peeled, it saves us the trouble of peeling the prawns! ;)  

Other cold dishes include salad, sushi, sashimi etc!

Next we proceeded to the hot food section.

Seafood soup which tasted not bad! Fussy Boyfriend actually had 2 servings of this!

And Picky Girlfriend had 2 servings of unagi! Sweet and very yummy!
And the highlight is probably the BBQ section! 

Grilled squid and softshell Crab! The former was too chewy for both our liking, but the latter was crispy.

 If you are also in the mood for some local delight, you can find sambal stingray too!

The seafood we ate most was the chunky fish pieces, topped with lemon butter sauce! You know how usually fish can be too dry after BBQ-ing them, but the sauce works perfectly on them! Such a good blend that we actually use the sauce as dipping sauce for other items too :)


And this is not to be missed - BBQ Crayfish! Gets wiped out pretty fast and we love that the fact that the fleshy crayfish has a tinge of smokey taste. Big, juicy and yummy! We lost count of the number of times we ate this ;)

This was recommended by the chef while Fussy Boyfriend was hovering around the stations deciding what to eat next. Apparently, they thought he is a tourist so they explained everything to him in mandarin on what's available. hurhur, so Fussy Boyfriend played along. HA!

 Garoupa fish! So lightly seasoned you can simply taste the freshness of the fish! Thumbs up!

 Grilled tiger prawns!

And of course to add a balance to the super intense seafood meal, we got the chefs to dish up some vegetables for us too!

The mushroom is very very yummy. Consist of about 2-3 different types of mushroom and cooked simply with garlic.

Can't resist sambal kang kong too! So so so yummy and local that Picky Girlfriend can't resist and scoop some white rice to go with it ;)

And again the chef thought we were tourists, so actually told us this dish could be quite spicy! Bring it on! ha

And like the famous saying - always save some space for desserts! The choice of desserts is not very extensive, but well, the focus is on the seafood, so desserts is already secondary (in our opinion!). Despite the limitations, we still managed to try some desserts which is not too bad!

Fussy Boyfriend loves the jackfruit cake (top right) and the yam mousse on (middle left), while Picky Girlfriend thought the Strawberry Crumble (middle right) tasted interesting and a nice twist comparing to the conventional apple crumble.

Worth the money and has good ambiance facing the sea (though can't see much at night). BBQ section a must try. Feeling hungry while looking at the photos we took!
Both Picky girlfriend & Fussy Boyfriend rating for seafood buffet : 4.25/5

Seafood Trail by the Sea @Barnacles
Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
101 Siloso Road, Sentosa
Seafood Trail available every Thursday, until 16 December 2012
6pm to 8.30pm / 8.30pm to 10pm
SGD68++ per adult / SGD25++ per child (6 to 12 years)

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