Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hwa Kee Barbeque Pork Noodle 華記云吞面

For those who love outdoor activities at East Coast Park, what do you usually eat there? Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend love the food at East Coast Lagoon and of course a good place to stop over even for drinks especially when we were cycling!

And everytime without fail when we visit East coast, we will visit this store! Fussy Boyfriend's favourite wanton mee store! It's interesting that the signboard says barbeque pork noodle rather than the usual wanton mee. So at one glance, if you can't read the chinese words (which says wanton mee), you may wonder what this store is selling!

We were lucky cos the queue was not exceptionally long when we were there at about 9pm for late dinner.

Comes with either $3 or $4

Closer look at the wanton mee

Unless you are a small eater, go for the $4 version as that is what we usually order. $3 seems a tad too little in terms of the serving. We love the fact that the char siew are roasted using charcoal and the sweet tasting soup that goes well with the wanton.

And this is how it looks like after mixing and stirring well with the sauce and noodles! This wanton mee is special as it comes with the sweet char siew sauce which is rarely found in other wanton mee now! So this really gives us a super old school feeling! :)

Both Picky Girlfriend and Fussy Boyfriend's rating for wanton mee: 4.25/5

Hwa Kee Barbeque Pork Noodle 華記云吞面
East Coast Park Lagoon Food Village
Stall No.45
Opening hours: Closed on Wednesday

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